BIG W has launched a stylish new homewares range and we want all of it

By Stephanie Nuzzo May 17, 2018
Big W.jpg

And it’s so cheap!

Deny it all you want but winter is well on its way, folks… 

And that means a few things: buying 15 new pairs of socks to replace the ones you lost last year, pulling your cutest beanies out of storage and (if you’re as extra as we are) styling your home to suit the season.

Lucky for all of us, Big W has come out and released a range of homewares inspired by the winter chill so you can toss that snuggie to the side and cuddle up with something stylish.

We’re joking, don’t get rid of your snuggie – that would be ludicrous. 

Besides, the range is so cheap you could restyle your home twice and still be able to afford your smashed avo in the morning. 

According to the BIG W, early indicators of best sellers include the Charcoal Flannelette Quilt Cover Set ($29), Faux Jute Edge Cushions ($10), Faux Velvet ($5) and Faux Fur cushions ($15), as well as Pom Pom Throws ($19) and Plush Blankets ($20).


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Images: Supplied