Everyone's Obsessed With Aldi's Eco Homewares Collection

By Stephanie Nuzzo June 22, 2019

The range hit shelves TODAY.

There are few things in life that get people as excited as a sexy new homewares range. 

The only thing that might top it would be rosé-based treats of any variety. 


This weekend, Aldi is doing you and the environment a solid by dropping a fresh range of zero-waste homewares items. As Mamamia has reported, the retail superstore has released a whole heap of items made from more eco-friendly materials that can be reused, in an effort to support the drive for us all to cut down on single-use plastics.

The sustainable items include the likes of silicone stretch lids ($3.99), stainless steel straws ($3.49), greener brown baking paper ($2.79), machine-washable bag sets ($7.99) and a benchtop composter ($19.99). 

Practical, well-designed products that are also great for the environment? These babies are surely not going to be available for long. 

Get shopping, quick smart.

Image: Getty