Kmart has released a pet carrier bag perfect for your fur babies

By Stephanie Nuzzo February 14, 2018


If you’re low-key obsessed with your fur baby (which, tbh, you should be - they’re damn adorable) and want to keep them as close as possible, you’re gonna want to listen up.

Paris Hilton pets gif

The genius crew at Kmart has released a Tote Bag Pet Carrier, perfect for taking your pooch, feline or, I dunno… bunny wherever you so choose. 

The simple grey bag has been designed to fit small to small-medium animals (dimensions are: 31cm (H) x 53cm (W) x 21cm (D) and has a little cavity on one end, so your pet pal can rest their head comfortably.

The bag comes in at an affordable 12 bucks, if you’re interested. 

While you’re shopping the Kmart pet range, may we also suggest you check out this freaking adorable unicorn pet hoody because, a) IT IS TOO CUTE and b) That trend is obviously not done, yet.

Kmart unicorn pets

Image: Kmart

Ready to relax your eyes with a short clip?

He’s here! We finally meet ‘Peter Rabbit’! The leading rabbit is voiced by none other than carpool karaoke king, James Corden: