You can now get personalised MILO tins for Christmas!

By Christina Cavaleri November 12, 2017

Hands off my MILO!

How great was the Christmas when you received a Nutella jar with your name on it?

You could finally put it in the cupboard knowing no-one would touch it because it literally was labeled with your name by Nutella (or the lovely people at David Jones).

Well, this year there is a new Christmas rage - personalised MILO tins are joining the Nutella and Vegemite band wagon. 

Cotton On Kids has teamed up with MILO and are offering $10 450g tins with your name written on the side in place of the logo. 

The limited edition tins are available online on November 13 and in-store from November 16.

Now you can keep the kids out of your MILO or out of each others.

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