Know these three things before travelling alone as a female

By Sangeeta Kocharekar January 11, 2017

Practical tips and tricks for women heading overseas solo for the first time

Travelling solo can be a life-changing experience, which will help to shape your character for years to come. But it can be daunting for women to pack their bags and venture into unfamiliar territory. 

Australian travel influencer Aubrey Daquinag of The Love Assembly believes that everyone should try it at least once in their life. After being in some of the world’s most beautiful places and seeing incredible landmarks, she says any feelings of fear or danger she may have felt before quickly dissipated. These days, worries about flight delays and natural disasters are things of the past as she perfects the art of travel. 

We asked her for her top pieces of advice for any women looking to venture overseas alone. 

1. Get clued-up about the culture and maps


Learn about your destination's culture and area beforehand. 

Culture and customs differ everywhere you go. Part of the excitement of visiting new holiday destinations is immersing yourself in the culture. Lack of research about the destination you are visiting might leave you attracting attention for the wrong reasons. An easy way to understand a culture is to observe the locals. The way they dress, the way they greet one another and their general mannerisms. Throw away your preconceptions and judgments and embrace the local way of life. When in Rome, right?

Secondly, becoming familiar with your destination is a must. You can do this by saving maps of your destination for later use when you do have access to Wi-Fi. To do this on the Google Maps app:

  • Search the area you want to save 
  • Tap the menu button and choose 'Offline' areas 
  • Tap on the plus button in the lower right corner.
  • Pinch and zoom the area to fine tune what you'd like to save.
  • Tap on Download.

Another app,, works in a similar way. Aubrey advises travellers not to completely rely on maps when exploring an unfamiliar place because it's important to still wander about and discover the area naturally. However, when you're alone and lose sense of direction, the maps will life a lot easier.

2. Keep calm and don't be afraid to ask for help


Travelling solo, there may be times you find yourself in hot water. If you do find yourself lost, unwell or in a situation you don’t feel comfortable in, it's important not to panic. The key is to always remain calm. Seek out a quiet, safe place to gather your thoughts and form a plan of action. Look for a well-lit place or a nearby café with complimentary Wi-Fi. Take your time until you’ve sorted out everything you need to.  

The joy of travelling solo is having the freedom to make your own rules. If you find yourself in a destination you don’t feel safe, or it’s just not what you thought it would be, move onto the next. That said, never be afraid to ask for help if it means you will have a better experience – from asking for local food recommendations to asking for pointers on the nearest medical centre. Travelling solo doesn’t mean you have to only rely on yourself.

3. Get travel insurance


Before jetting off overseas, it’s important to think about any issues that might put a damper on your vacay. The last thing you want is to not have the support or money if something goes wrong, which is why travel insurance is a great way to give you that peace of mind. The most important thing is to protect yourself first and foremost above material possessions while travelling.

Travel brings with it good surprises and at times, some unexpected curve balls. Aubrey says she's often lost tech gear or luggage. Now, she books with ​Southern Cross Travel Insurance who have great benefits and round the clock assistance. Be it lost tech, flight delays or medical treatment, having the peace of mind that you are covered should things go pear-shaped is essential.

And finally, Aubrey advises travellers to have a sense of curiosity. Because why travel the world if you’re not open to sampling the local cuisine, living like a local, and opening yourself up to experience a culture completely different to your own? 

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