Yes, this is an actual swimming hole and it's somewhere in Australia

By Sangeeta Kocharekar March 7, 2016

This place doesn't even look real, but it's called Killarney Glen and it's Queensland.

There’s a lot of natural beauty in Queensland’s Gold Coast hinterland, but Killarney Glen’s heart-shaped pool has to be our best find yet. And while we may have just discovered the gem, it’s actually quite well-known in the area and can often be found crowded with people. But what's a bit of crowd-battling when you can eventually get to do this? KILLARNEY GLEN

The closest car is on the eastern side of the Beechmont-Canungra Road and it's a 2.5km walk from there. There are plenty of other swimming areas but - as to be expected - the love-shaped pool is the busiest part of the park. Oftentimes the swimming hole can be closed as the Australian Defence Department who owns it can be found using the property for army training.


With this waterfall pool, and the Natural Bridge one in Springbrook National Park one not too far away, a weekend in Gold Coast is getting booked right this minute.