MKR contestant left in tears following 'offensive' comment

By Krisinda Merhi February 18, 2019

"I put my foot in my mouth."

My Kitchen Rules is a pretty intense show. 

Cooking under pressure for a bunch of strangers and expert chefs is stressful AF. 

And we get that sometimeesss the pressure gets the better of people. 

But if there’s one thing you should never do, it’s make assumptions about other people. 

Making assumptions is not cool. 

But one contestant missed the memo and found themselves in a bit of a situation on Sunday night’s episode. 

Lyn Elbourn took the table talk from pleasant to just plain awkward by remarking that she thought fellow contestant Karolina Borkovic was “trans”.

Contestants had been discussing Karolina’s height, commenting that she's “extraordinarily tall,” and Lynn followed up by saying “It’s true, I thought you were trans.” 

“You thought I was a transvestite?” a stunned Karolina shot back in disbelief. 


To clarify, being “trans” and being a “transvestite” are two very different (and very okay) things: 

A “transgender” person, according to the Australian Government Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender, is “general term for a person whose gender is different to their sex at birth.”

A transvestite, according to the Judicial Commission of NSW “describes a person who cross-dresses rather than someone who believes that their gender identity is different to their assigned gender”.

Lyn instantly looked remorseful for the comment, admitting that she had “put [her] foot in her mouth.”

“I did not mean to upset her, or to hurt her,” she added in a piece to camera.

Despite Lyn being apologetic, Karolina wasn’t ready to forgive: “You did point out something that I'm really sensitive about,' she said. “You friggin' hurt my feelings!”

Lyn then left the table and burst into tears, leaving her teammate Sal to jump to her defence. 

“Lyn's not like that at all,' he explained. “She didn't mean anything to hurt you. She's only upset now because she's hurt you, and she's not that type of person at all.”

“It hurt my core,” Karolina explained. “I have two beautiful sisters and we're all very tall. Our stature is not particularly gentle, our personalities are not particularly gentle, but we are far from being transvestites.”

Karolina initially refused to accept Lyn’s apology but eventually came around. 

When Lyn returned to the table the two ladies clinked glasses and agreed to leave the whole thing behind them like the kind, mature adults they are. 

The dinner party then proceeded as normal. 

Food was cooked, food was enjoyed and Pat and Bianca scored a total 91 points for their restaurant. 

Images: MKR / Channel 7, Giphy / Giphy. 




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