This social media slip-up might've revealed where ‘I’m A Celebrity’ is ACTUALLY filmed

By Krisinda Merhi January 17, 2019

And it’s very close to home

If you’ve ever tuned in to ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!’ you MAY have had the same thought process as us:

“That doesn’t look like Africa.”

Not that we know what Africa actually looks like (unless you count our love of David Attenborough documentaries as ~research~). 

BUT you gotta admit, the celebs could be just about anywhere. 

The camp which they spend 90% of their time in doesn't give away any clues about their location and the tribal treehouse hosts Julia Morris and Chris Brown hang out in is very cool but also very unhelpful. 

The canopy of trees in the background could be ANYWHERE. 

It seems our suspicions might not be so wrong, because a supposed social media blunder has revealed where the show is ‘really’ filmed. 

This is the post in question:

Do you see it?

Yep, the geotag reads ‘Katoomba, NSW’. As in, the Blue Mountains. 

People were quick to notice and quick to flood the comments section of the post. 

“They're not in Africa! Have you lied to us?” one follower asked. 

While another wrote, “Um insta says Katoomba NSW on your post…spoiler alert lmao.” 

Good old Shannon Noll was quick to clear the air, commenting “Hey guys, what’s with Katoomba Blue Mountains underneath your posts, because I know for a fact I lived in the camp for 42 days and it wasn’t in Katoomba!”

Is he telling the truth or is he in on the conspiracy? 

While we’re suckers for a good mystery, we do realise there’s a perfectly logical explanation for the geotag. 

Something which fans of the show also picked up on. 

“It's obvious that whoever made the post is in Katoomba. Wherever the device making the post is, the location will say (depending on settings) hence the "Katoomba, NSW”," one user wrote. 

Meanwhile, another person suggested the geo-tag was a deliberate gag. 

"Blue Mountains and Katoomba is a running joke in response to the viewers that don’t think it’s filmed in [South] Africa,” they wrote. 

Channel 10 is yet to comment about any of the hoo-ha. So we’re filing this one under ‘TBC’. 

Images: I’m A Celebrity AU / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy.