Watch the hilarious way this kid tries to get out of going to bed

By Marni Dixit April 1, 2016
Boy figures out how to avoid going to sleep

Any parent knows how difficult it can sometimes be to get your toddler to sleep, especially when he or she knows exactly how to get out of it!

When your tiny human is actively working against you, it's generally going to be a battle you won't win...

Little Adam knows EXACTLY how to get out of bed time but doesn't use his secret skill until an hour after his mum has started to try to put him to sleep - the element of surprise is SO important!

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After that hour of trying, his mum decided to just film him, and with the cheekiest grin on his face he lept into action!

Take a look at what he does next, SO cheeky:

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Warning: This video contains some strong (obviously) language.