Watch Ben Affleck surprise fans in the Batmobile

By Huna A March 3, 2016
ben affleck suprises fans batmobile

We are now entering the era of Battfleck! 

The long awaited superhero flick Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is only weeks away. 

While Henry Cavill returns as Superman, Ben Affleck is making his debut as the Dark Knight.

ben affleck batman vs superman gif

Fans are sceptical if Affleck has the skills to take over from the beloved Christian Bale, who starred acclaimed in the Christopher Nolan trilogy.

In order to win over the public, Ben surprised some lucky fans while they were on tour at Warner Brothers Studios. 

Affleck hid inside the new Batmobile, while a tour guide asked fans “who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman?” 

If they gave the “wrong” answer, Affleck flipped up the top to surprise them. 

Watching Affleck turn on the charm is absolutely hilarious. The father-of-three, is a natural with kids, lifting up one little, so she can sit inside the famous car. 

ben affleck suprises fans in batmobile

One fan says “That looks like Ben Affleck?” while another asks if he is real. 

Ben then goes for a joyride around the studio lot, stopping a tour bus to give one fan a ride. The look on the fans face as he rides around with the new Bruce Wayne is priceless. 

Watch the full video below. 

We’ll finally get an answer to the question when Batman vs Superman opens on March 24.