A wee problem: the sexy way to fix your most embarrassing issue

By Kara Byers July 4, 2016
Fixing incontinence

Wet yourself laughing lately? Had a little leak during your run? Scared to sneeze? If you often find yourself having little 'accidents' you could be incontinent, but don’t worry, there are fun ways of fixing it. 

If you think urinary incontinence is a condition that only effects pensioners who gave birth to six or more children, think again. According to the Continence Foundation of Australia, 40 per cent of Australian women suffer from some degree of incontinence. And, women who have one baby are nearly three times more likely to wet themselves than those who haven’t had any. 

“My daughter was six months old, when I knew I had to do something,” says Sara, 33. “I was at an away day with work and we had to do this aerobic workout. I was jumping up and down and suddenly, I felt something warm on my legs.

“I couldn’t believe it, I’d peed myself! I ran out as fast as my legs could carry me thinking, ‘Oh my god, I just wet my pants. I actually wet my pants’.”

For women like Sara, pelvic floor exercises – also known as Kegel exercises - to strengthen the vaginal muscles have been the time-honoured method for reducing the embarrassing results that can result from a sneeze, a cough, a hearty laugh or even a light jog. Trouble is, they’re pretty boring and it’s easy to forget to do them regularly.

You could continue to try and remember to do them or you could invest in a sex toy to fix your ills…

Workouts are boring after all

Despite an entire episode of Sex and the City being devoted to them over 16 years ago and shops selling them sitting on most Australian high streets, sex toys can still be taboo.

However, they’re not just for bedroom escapades, they can also help women exercise and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

We tried it out and…

We liked it! After four weeks of using remote-controlled kegel balls one of our writers - who said it was a little 'different' at first - experienced much less urgency when needing the bathroom and less leaks.

The toy works by inserting the balls so that they can gently vibrate your pelvic floor muscles to increase strength. The writer, who even shared the use of the toy with their partner via the wireless remote ("So funny, we were cracking up!"), used it three times a week.

You don’t have to go to a seedy shop

There are lots of online retailers that send their products in discreet packaging. We bought the Nalone Miu Miu remote-controlled kegel balls ($89.95) from Mimi De Luxe. A smut free, luxury online shop.

Its founder, Elle Black, is all for women using sex toys to help with their incontinence problems. 

“I can’t think of a more enjoyable way to do pelvic floor exercise – improve bladder control and increase pleasure during intercourse from using sex toys. Much more fun than traditional methods!”

Women who have given birth, are overweight, over the age of 50, or have worked in a profession such as retail or hospitality where they have to ‘hold on’ for long periods of time can be particularly prone to incontinence. Stress and anxiety can also sometimes play a role. As Elle says,

“Pelvic floor muscles can become weakened by many things – e.g. after pregnancy, childbirth, surgery and through ageing – such as menopause - but you can prevent against this weakening,”

“With regular use of sex toys for Kegel exercises, women should notice benefits after eight to 12 weeks. If you are being very consistent and working that love muscle every day, or a few times a week, that’s a lot of orgasms, ladies! And the benefits are many.”

Signs you could have a weaker pelvic floor

  • Accidentally leaking urine when you exercise, laugh, cough or sneeze
  • Needing to get to the toilet in a hurry or not making it there in time
  • Constantly needing to go to the toilet
  • Finding it difficult to empty your bladder or bowel
  • Accidentally losing control of your bladder or bowel
  • Accidentally passing wind
  • A prolapse (In women, this may be felt as a bulge in the vagina or a feeling of heaviness, discomfort, pulling, dragging or dropping)
  • Pain in your pelvic area
  • Painful sex

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