So, sushi burritos are a thing and we're excited

By Stephanie Nuzzo April 20, 2017

I’ll take five, thanks

So, the latest food trend to hit Oz is unusual-sounding, but we think it’s one we can get behind. First there were sushi trains, then there were sushi burgers and doughnuts and now we present to you: sushi burritos or “sushiritos”. 

While it may sound a little odd at first, this idea actually makes perfect sense; they are, in essence, just really big sushi rolls. People love sushi. So, why not give them more?

One of the chefs who first brought the genius trend over to Australia, Charles Hanh of Sushirito in Chippendale NSW, spoke with Broadsheet about these jumbo sushi rolls and how they're made:

“Normally we put a lot of rice in sushi rolls, but I just spread a tiny bit of rice [in the sushiritos]. Instead, we have a lot of fresh ingredients,” he told the website. 

Bigger rolls with more delicious goodies inside? Oh, yeah. I’m very keen to jump on board that trend.  

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