Join The smooth Sessions This Women’s Health Week!

We’ve teamed up with Womens’ Health Week to celebrate wellness & self-care on a holistic scale with something we call “the smooth sessions.”

From yoga classes to meditation, chill-out crafting (wine and painting, don’t mind if we do!) and even dancing in the dark, there’s a whole lot of different ways we can retune our minds and bodies to feel good.

Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week is a week dedicated to all women across Australia to make good health a priority. The two biggest barriers for women not maintaining a healthy lifestyle is ‘lack of time’ and ‘health not being a priority’. Women’s Health Week is the time to do something for your health and start making positive changes that can last a lifetime.

Throughout Women’s Health Week (September 2 – 6), smoothfm will be hosting a series of small health & wellness classes, to help you make good health a priority – whether that’s inside, out, or both!

So grab a couple of friends, and register for the event below that takes your fancy – not only will you takeaway some new knowledge (and memories!), but you’ll also receive a takeaway gift.

The smooth Sessions

  • Tuesday 3rd September, Yoga at Flow Lab Sydney 6.45pm – 7.30pm
  • Wednesday 4th September, Meditation at Centred Meditation, 6.30 – 7.45pm
  • Thursday 5th September, Painting at Brush and Sip, 6.30 – 9.30pm

Women’s Health Week: September 2-6. Sign up to eceive daily health tips, tools and information to help you unlock your own powers for good health! Visit 

Join The smooth Sessions This Women’s Health Week!