Donate Now: Radiothon is live!

On Friday 18 October, we need your help to make a difference for Sydney’s sick kids, with Radiothon for The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Why give on Friday 18 October?

For 24 hours only, every dollar you donate will be matched, helping the doctors, nurses, and countless others at the hospital continue their incredible work.

Help the great news stories going and donate. You can make a pledge to Radiothon any time before 6pm Thursday 17 October. Or donate LIVE and watch your gift raise the tally from 6pm Thursday 17 October ‘til 6pm Friday 18 October, at, or over the phone, 1800 770 122.

And be listening to smoothfm to hear some of the uplifting stories coming out of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead in 2019.

What could your donations fund?


A toy medical kit to help explain procedures to children


One hour of research focused on helping babies who undergo major surgery achieve their developmental potential


Two music therapy sessions to help distract & calm patients during painful procedures


An Occupational Therapist for four hours to work with babies who undergo major surgery.


A baby’s participation in a clinical trial for kidney disease or regeneration of nerve cells


A special chair in NICU so a critically ill baby can have skin to skin contact with a parent, helping the baby bond and thrive


A temporary pacemaker to support a child’s heart post-surgery, until their own natural rhythm recovers.


Specialised cots and paediatric beds which allow children to be comfortable and safe during their hospital stay whilst also maintaining hygiene standards and enabling ease of accessibility for doctors and nurses


A Research Fellowship for nurses focussed on early interventions in neonatal care


Could fund a vital signs bedside monitor the constantly assesses a patient’s condition and immediately alerts clinicians when a change in condition requires intervention


A neurosurgery positioning system to position the head and spine of a child safely and securely throughout surgery


An ultrasound machine with superior quality imaging to improve diagnosis and enhance rapid patient-care decisions based on real-time results


An anaesthesia workstation with advanced capabilities for ventilation when the tiniest of critically ill babies and infants are unable to breathe on their own


A Wide Field Retinal Camera to capture early signs of eye disease in children and help with diagnosis, monitoring and response to therapy


A chemistry autoanalyzer instrument which examines the blood samples of children including full blood count, protein analysis and thyroid function, leading to rapid diagnosis and treatment