smooth Stars is back!

By Lynette C July 22, 2017

smooth Stars: The Hollywood Edition

smooth Stars is back, but this time there's a twist ... it's the Hollywood Edition!  All our smooth Stars are linked to Hollywood ...

Feeling lucky? It's time to ask yourself - what would you do with $100,000?

Perhaps that holiday you’ve always wanted? Maybe take a little off the mortgage? Or what about a brand new car? It could really change your life in more ways than one …

smooth Stars is your chance to win a life changing amount of money!

Just tell us the correct names of the four smooth stars voices, in the correct order, and the cash is yours – it’s that easy!

Our jackpot starts at $50,000 - your first chance to play is from 8.30am in The More Music Breakfast Show, then all across your workday – on smoothfm …

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