Win A Rizmo For Your Kids This Christmas!

smoothfm would love to give you the chance to win a Rizmo - Your evolving musical friend!

Welcome Rizmo - The perfect toy for the kids this Christmas! This cute friend has travelled far to get cuddles and share a love for music and dance, but Rizmo needs your help to evolve!

Rizmo loves to play, and the more you play together the faster Rizmo magically grows! Rizmo plays seven fun games with changing eye colours to show which game you’re playing. Sing tunes and hear Rizmo sing back to you or have a dance party! With three colours to choose from and six different Rizmo to discover, which Rizmo you will adopt is a mystery!

Get a Rizmo now from Big W, or enter your details below for a chance to win.

Good luck!

Win A Rizmo For Your Kids This Christmas!