Aussie woman jailed on US holiday because of a diary entry

By Hayley May 18, 2017

Planning a trip to the US soon? Here’s an innocent mistake you REALLY don’t want to make.

Molly Hill, a 26-year-old from Melbourne, got an 88-day tourist visa to visit her American boyfriend in Hawaii. Her return flight was booked, and she’d left her job back home, who weren’t willing to grant her three months leave.

But when customs searched her luggage - they decided her diary entries were proof she had no intention of leaving.

Molly wrote on Facebook:

“(I) expected to pass through customs without too much hassle as I was going on a tourist visa for 88 days, the max is 90, with my return ticket paid for. I was taken into an interview room and had every inch of my luggage searched.

“They understood that I have an American boyfriend and I spent about six hours in and out of the interrogation rooms.

“In the end they were convinced I wanted to immigrate illegally because my diary had notes like ‘going away drinks’ and ‘last day at work’, things I got in order before expecting to be away for three months.”

Because there were no return flights to Australia that night, Molly was held in a detention centre.

“A few more hours later, myself and a Japanese woman were handcuffed and transported to the detention centre, which was a federal prison.

“I was frisked, made to undress in front of an officer and show that there was nothing in my hair or mouth, and asked to ‘squat and cough’ which was absolutely mortifying.”

The next day, which happened to be her birthday, she was woken up with a flashlight and barked orders to leave.

“I got changed (strip, squat routine) and was handcuffed again. I remained in handcuffs and was escorted throughout the airport. Then I was finally allowed to call home, and had to pay $620 for a flight to Sydney.

“I stared at the walls for another four hours, then my possessions were finally returned and I was escorted by customs security into the aeroplane for my next 11-hour flight.”

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Molly’s former employer, Mini Sarkissian, told the Herald Sun she plans to re-hire her when a position becomes available at the company.