These are the biggest wedding trends for 2018

By Staff Writer March 21, 2018
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The upcoming wedding (May 19th - it’s so soon!) of Prince Harry and yo’ fave girl Meghan Markle is set to be one of the biggest calendar moments of the year, with millions of people across the globe expected to celebrate the major event.

We literally have a countdown going in the Nova office. 

But anyway...

As the most anticipated wedding of the year (or five years, even), a lot of attention is set to be on the fashion and accessories that are turning heads – for the right or wrong reasons!

In preparation for the day we all lose Prince Harry forever royal wedding, Etsy has released their wedding trend guide for March so, y’know, you're across what styles you're likely to see. 

Here are the biggest trends to look out for at weddings in 2018:

1. Stacking rings: 

Stacking rings elevates a favourite everyday accessory, where brides are able to wear multiple rings stacked up on the one finger… Whoever said no to a little extra bling? Stacking rings are one of the most popular trends right now, currently yielding more than 131,000 search results on Etsy.

2. Embroidered dresses: 

For some brides, it’s all about the gown, and this year, when it comes to bridal-wear, embroidered details are the must-have accents turning heads this season. On Etsy, the term “embroidered bridal wear” is pulling in 40 per cent more product views this year than in 2017.

3. Statement veils:

These veils are a perfect option for the minimalist bride who wants a more understated look with a little extra punch. From flowing fringe to tiny blooms, or even a sprinkling of metallic stars, today’s veils are as central to the bridal ensemble as the dress itself.

4. Flirty capes: 

Within the last year, on-site searches for “wedding capes” have increased by 44 per cent. These jaw-dropping styles are designed for the bride looking to stand out, and they also provide a great option for shoulder coverage during a more traditional ceremony or a quick and easy pre-reception change.

5. Clear acrylics:

Clear acrylics are making their way into weddings everywhere in 2018, from signage to invitations, to place cards and more! Encompassing both modern and minimalist style, clear acrylics pair especially well with loose, romantic greenery and florals for the ceremony and reception décor.

On Etsy, the number of views for the term “clear acrylic wedding” has increased by 309 per cent this year.

6. Guestbook evolution:

Ever the innovators, today’s brides and grooms are opting for new guestbook options that capture thoughtful snippets from guests and double as creative, stylish keepsakes for their homes. In the last year alone, searches for “guest book alternative” have increased by 53 per cent on Etsy.

7. The 'new' rustic:

Think Arizona sunsets, adobe homes, textured wood details, and bright watercolour landscapes, with mini cactus wedding favours for every guest. Etsy sellers are already capturing this vibe and have seen a 72 per cent increase in views for products associated with the term “southwestern wedding”.

8. Pet-friendly weddings:

A day as special as your wedding should be shared with your closest friends and family—and that includes your fur baby. 

Whether you’re hunting down the perfect “here comes the bride” sign or searching for a personalised collar or custom tuxedo for your furry ring bearer, you’ll find more than 30,000 search results for “pet wedding” on Etsy.

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