The crazy reasons you could be kicked off your flight

By Christina Cavaleri June 9, 2017
Plane cabin

Okay you would think that when you buy a plane ticket, you’re guaranteed a seat, right?

Well, apparently not.

As we have seen in recent events that have flooded the internet, you can be asked to leave the plane. 

You can do everything right.

Check in on time, your bag weighs under the airlines requested amount and you have all of your documents.

But no, it still doesn’t cut it.


There are some reasons you wouldn’t even considered that can get you asked to leave.

1. Smelling bad

Okay this is kind of understandable. 

If you’re on a flight and there is a man or woman next to you with a strong pungent smell, that would definitely ruin the flight.

I mean, not just a slight smell of body odour - it needs to be really strong, mouth and nose covering, your shirt going over the face sort of smell. 

Newscorp reported that American Airlines and other US airlines have written a clause in its contract of carriage which allows staff to dismiss passengers who smell strongly.

2. Not properly transporting human ashes

For starters you need to have a copy of the death certificate, that’s fair enough.

You also ned to ensure the ashes are in an appropriate container.

Could you imagine during some rough turbulence, an urn opens up and Grandpa Joe’s all over everyone.

3. You are overweight

Delta Airlines has a clause in its contract for carriage which states that passengers must be able to fit the seatbelt restraint to be allowed to fly.

If they don’t, Newscorp reports, it is then up to the staff’s discretion whether the passenger should fly or not as it may cause an “unreasonable risk of offence or annoyance to other passengers” 

4. Dressing proactively or not adhering to the dress code 

For starters, flights have a dress code?

I wear activewear on every flight.

A hen party was kicked off a plane because their t-shirts were offensive.

The t-shirts read “B****s On Tour”.

Staff asked them to change their tops but their request was ignored.

Back in March this year United Airlines refused to let a 10-year-old girl on a flight because she was wearing leggings.

5. Being barefoot

Well that’s obvious, thats probably the smell factor as well.

Also if there is an emergency exit you may needs 

6. Being allergic to nuts

Reports say a man was furious because Emirates kicked his six-year-old daughter off their flight because the pilot “did not want a death on their flight.”

Other reasons include bringing your harp on board, because of its size, and if you try and bring a snake on a plane.

OMG everyones biggest fear would come true.

Image credit: Getty Images/Ed Pritchard/monkeybusinessimages