Study Shows Children's Ball Pits Have More Germs Than You Think

By Christina Cavaleri April 30, 2019

Warning: this realisation may make you vomit a 'lil in your mouth.

It's pretty hard to avoid germs when you're a child. You're going to playgroup with other kids who have germs, then you're poking at the brown squishy log that your dog Coco is sniffing, then you're eating ants. 

In short, kids have germs and one place kids love is a ball pit. 

Those ball pits may look harmless but they are a germ filled cesspool, just looking at one can be bacteria-ridden experience. Okay that was an exaggeration. But they're dirty AF.

Kidspot report a study by the University of North Georgia found ball pits to be one of most filthiest places for children to play with thousands of germs hanging around the area. 

The study had researchers look at six ball pits across the US. At the end of the experiment they found more than 31 different kinds of bacteria hiding in the play areas at any one time. One of the ball pits had an average of 170,818 different bacteria per ball and could cause a range of deadly diseases including pneumonia, sepsis, meningitis, and skin and bladder infections, The Sun reports. 

Kidspot also reports the researchers found traces Enterococcus faecalis, which can cause life-threatening infections and Staphylococcus hominis, which can cause staph infections.

Time to dip your children in sanitiser. 

Image: Getty Images/Alan V. Young