The traditional reasons women wear veils on their wedding day

By Christina Cavaleri August 18, 2017

What do you think of these?

Have you ever wondered by women wear veils on their wedding day?

So it all started back in the Roman times when brides were covered from head to toe in a massive red veil called ‘flammeum’.

It was a bid to stop evil spirits cursing the couple. The Romans believed the red would make the demons believe the bride was fire.

They were also worn to hide a brides face.

The brides face was to be kept a secret from the groom, which stems from arranged marriages.

Fathers would give their daughters away to another man in exchange for money or goods.

The veil would cover their face, therefore if she was unattractive the groom couldn’t bail on the deal.

How life has changed, it is now a tradition that the groom cannot see the bride before the wedding.

Another reason found was that brides wore veils so it would weigh them down if they tried to run away. 

An obvious reason and old tradition is to show virginity. The thin veil is meant to reference the hymen, yes the hymen. If the veil is there, their virginity is too.

Probably the most common known reason is the sign of ownership, I KNOW I KNOW it’s the 21st century.

Have you seen in weddings where the father lowers the veil which means he is gifting his daughter.

The groom then lifts the veil, kind of like an unwrapping of a present, symbolising ownership of his bride.

We’re now in 2017, so these don’t really apply, it’s a pretty tradition.

Plus, no-one is owned by anyone, preach girl. You want to wear a veil wear it, you’re your own woman.

Image credit: Getty Images