Woman's incredible transformation after losing HALF her body weight

By Hayley July 20, 2018
Images: Simone Anderson / Instagram

Simone Anderson, 27, has been sharing her weight loss journey on Instagram since having gastric sleeve surgery.

The Auckland-based influencer and motivational speaker shed a massive 92 kilograms following her surgery, and had a procedure in 2015 to remove the excess skin from her upper body.

Her latest updates show the results following another procedure she had in the United States to remove extra skin from her lower body.

And boy, is she looking stunning.

Simone weighed 169 kilograms in 2014 when she began her weight loss journey, which involved a combination of surgery, frequent workouts and a complete diet overhaul.

She blogged that she only resorted to invasive surgery after trying to lose weight naturally wasn’t working:

“I had a food addiction and it needed to change, or I would be bed bound by 30 and have no life at all. How was I going to keep myself self accountable this time, how was I going to make this a life long change?

“I started with simple changes like cutting out processed foods and adding in an hour walk or swim everyday. Then a few months in I was doing everything I could but hunger still controlled my world so I investigated weight loss surgery options.”

She then completed her makeover with cosmetic procedures to her face and teeth.

Despite her epic transformation, internet trolls have continued to shame her for celebrating her body on social media. Simone posted a response to her haters, past and present:

“This is a message to all the men that told me I was unattractive and ugly for years just because of the number I weighed on the sales. Weight doesn't define a person but an ugly heart will follow you for ever.

“I can lose weight... that personality is for life.

“I have had many woman sending me nasty messages telling me I am disgusting for sharing [a swimsuit photo].

"I shared images of my body my entire journey documenting all angles and positions of my body and loving every single one. Why can’t I appreciate and love my body now? 

“Why should I have to be ashamed of a body I have worked on for hours daily to achieve? A body I have been through hours of surgery with and immense pain to achieve?

“No matter what size, what shape, what pant size you are you are worthy of your own love all equally.”

Images: Simone Anderson / Instagram