The new Kmart pets range is nothing short of AMAZING

By Ally Parker April 6, 2018

Gimme, gimme, gimme. 

Just when you thought Kmart could be more... well, Kmart-like, they up the game with even more pet goodies.

The retailer has added a number of new items to its range including winter-specific items like dog scarfs and jumpers.

And this.

A snood.

The release, available in store and online now, includes kitten essentials like a cat tree with scratcher ($39) and sushi bowl ($6) as well as ride-or-die items like a pet teepee ($20).

Puppy essentials including training pads ($8 for a pack of 20) stylish leads and harness as well as toys and puzzles.

Crucially, the release includes beanies, scarfs and socks for dogs. 

Which we never knew we needed to feel whole and alive but... here we are.

If you need us, we'll be dressing animals for the rest of the day.

Image: Kmart