The events you MUST add to your social calendar

By Staff Writer November 9, 2017
St Jeromes

Need some cultural inspo? We've got you covered - sponsored by Vodafone.

Melbourne’s undeniably got a lot to offer in terms of cultural activities. But it’s maybe because of the overwhelming amount of options that can be difficult to choose what to do. From doing a street art tour to glamping on a rooftop, we’ve rounded up the best ways to soak in the city.

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Here goes:

1) Overnight glamping at St. Jerome's Hotel

You've no doubt seen images of St. Jerome Hotel's glamping tents at some point on Instagram. The experience perfectly blends rustic camping with glamorous luxury. In fact, some of the incredibly photogenic tents are big enough to fit a queen bed (with premium linen, of course!), a couch, and an aircon/heater.

2) Catch a flick at Lido Rooftop Cinemas

One of the best parts about warmer months is that you can take things you'd normally do inside, outside. Lido Cinemas in Hawthorn lets you watch films from a comfy outdoor chair on its rooftop. They screen new releases and cult classics.

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3) Dine at a rooftop restaurant

If there's anything better than dining al fresco, it's dining al fresco... on a rooftop. There are heaps of rooftop dining options in Melbourne. Depending on what tickles your fancy, there are restaurants serving Spanish, Italian and Asian. 

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4) Go on a city street art tour

You've probably seen the obvious street art on the side of buildings, but Melbourne has plenty of other creative works tucked into secret alleyways. Go on an organised walking tour through the city with a guide pointing out all the gems you'd likely never stumble on yourself.

5) Attend a Planetarium Night at Scienceworks

Running from now until December, the Planetarium at Scienceworks is transforming itself into an after-hours cinema. You can catch a screening of a space-themed flick from 7:30pm every Friday.

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