Science says you should be eating chocolate for breakfast

By Stephanie Nuzzo March 7, 2018

*Throws all cereal into the bin* 

If you’re a bit of a sweet tooth and like to nosh on the odd Lindt ball, we have some excellent news for you: science has literally shown that adding chocolate to your brekkie is good for your health. 

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According to a study completed by teams at Syracuse University, the addition of a little chocolate to your breakfast can improve your brain function and better prepare you for your workday. 

As Women’s Health has highlighted, a second study completed by Tel Aviv University looked at the health benefits of chocolate and indicated that adding the sweet treat to the first meal of the day can also assist with weight loss.

We know. What a glorious piece of news.

Now, don’t go all crazy and start eating chocolate pancakes with cream and ice cream daily, expecting to lose weight in the process. But you can certainly consider adding a small serve of dark chocolate to your breakfast if you’d like; the study focused on natural cocoa, after all. 

Image: Getty