Start stretching 'cause Aldi is selling stand up paddle boards

By Ally Parker November 15, 2018


It's that special time of year again folks: stand up battle board Special Buys aka Thunderdome 2.0.

They flew off the shelves last year and this season will probably be more of the (slightly traumatic) same.

But if we're being honest... totes worth it.

The $299 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, includes adjustable aluminium paddle, hand pump, travel bag, surf leash, seat and footrest.

It's also lauded as being strong, stable and durable with a non-slip traction pad (so no wokkas if you're a newbie).

We speak for everyone when we say: run, don't walk.

You can check it all out here and some pretty sweet (see: boozy) advent calendars from Aldi here.

Image: Getty